Wardrobe Maintenance Client

"Anyone who wakes up in the morning and gets dressed purely as a function really needs to meet Natalie.

I am in my 40s and have acquired lots of clothes (my hubby would say way too many!). I still found myself reaching in my wardrobe and as long as nothing clashed I happily wore it.

I then met Natalie….. I now look forward to planning outfits and enjoying the clothes I had and adding core items I was unaware made all the difference. She has helped me get rid of lots of items I was clinging to thinking that more was best. I now have an amazing wardrobe of clothes I already had but now appreciate more and new items that actually fit me properly.  

The biggest lesson was trying on all my clothes with Natalie present and seeing myself through someone else’s eyes, her constructive criticism was priceless, positive and honest. Even some of my old favourites have gone as I now see they are ill fitting or not complimentary to my body shape. Organising my wardrobe has also been amazing as I can lay my hands on things easier and don’t end up with a bed covered in discarded items.

I’m now more confident, happy and adventurous in my clothes and wish I had found Natalie years ago, THANK YOU!!!"

Trudie, Buckinghamshire


Gift Shopping Client

I called upon the help of Natalie when I needed to buy my bridesmaid a jewellery gift to be worn on the day. 

Natalie did all the hard work for me, trawling Internet sites looking for the best buys for my budget. All I had to do was give her an idea of what jewellery I was wanting and she did the rest, emailing me plenty of suggestions and helping me with the final purchase.

I have also used Natalie to help with winter Ugg boot buying! I very nearly ended up being lulled into buying boots that were a really good price (or so I thought), I asked Natalie to check them out for me and surprise surprise they were fake! She then searched the Internet to find me the best price she could for the genuine thing. I've been very pleased with her service and will no doubt be using her again.

Debbie, Buckingham


Gift Shopping Client

As a chap I find it difficult to buy the special little things for my wife for birthdays and Christmas especially. It’s all about time and I am just not good at trawling around shops looking for inspiration! It’s a ‘Man’ thing I admit it.

That is where Natalie comes in, thankfully.

Over several years now I have given a budget and that is all – as Natalie knows about the colour’s, sizes and styles that my wife prefers.

Good luck and thank you Natalie.

JB, Buckinghamshire


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Online Advice Client

I had a family wedding to go to and really didn't have a clue what suited me any more and felt out of touch with fashion. Being a mum of 3 I just didn't have time to keep up with fashion and my style and shape had changed .Therefore I contacted Natalie and gave her my details. She went to work really quickly with ideas of outfits that would compliment my shape and size. Natalie gave me lots of options in different price ranges (via a board on Pinterest) and I chose from there. The dress I chose was one I would never normally look at in a shop but I trusted her judgement and bought it. I tried it on and loved it immediately! It was then I realised I had no idea what accessories I should use, so once again I contacted Natalie and she gave me options and ideas via email. I already had some but updated with a new bag, well a girl can ever have too many right ! At the wedding I received so many compliments on how good I looked I felt bad for the bride. If it hadn't been for Natalie's stylish and accurate advice I would have had no idea of what to wear. Thank you so much Natalie you are now my "go to girl" for any fashion advice and I will be reccomending you to ALL my friends.

Sarah, Northamptonshire