I am a Personal Stylist and Shopper based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire offering:

Some More Details on Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shopping

To start with we would have a chat about what you want out of this, then head to your wardrobe and look through what you currently have.  We will spend time trying items on, with me talking you through how they do or don’t work for your colourings and shape.  I will make a list of what I feel is missing in your wardrobe. 

For the shopping trip we will start with some hands on time together where I can show you either how items can work or guide you to try other looks I think will work for you.  This will be at your pace – I'm not going to push you into spending your money on items that you won’t feel comfortable wearing, this is your wardrobe, not mine! 

When you are ready, we catch up to see how you are getting on with what we have put in place.  If more time is needed, then we will meet again.  I would suggest wardrobes need to be reviewed twice a year along with shopping trips together to keep you on track. 

This is how I see this working for you, however you may feel that you know your body and clothes that suit you but perhaps you just don’t have the time to shop.  You may feel that you would prefer to shop alone and just need someone to be honest about what you currently have in your wardrobe.  Or you may have a completely different idea to what you need from a personal stylist.  I am here to help.

Once I’ve worked with you I won’t just leave you alone.  I will send any discount codes through for your favourite shops, be on hand to help for any special outfits needed and permanently keep my eye open if I see anything I think will work for you.    

I see my services as investing in yourself.  A personalised course in you.  I know that I shine far more when I am ‘dressed to impress’ and I also believe in myself more if I am feeling good about how I am presented.  I cater for all budgets from Tesco to Temperley, I can help!

Prices vary according to services required so it's best to email me and once we decide how I can help, we can take it from there.  I am based in Buckinghamshire, however willing and able to travel.

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